Diálogos a una pulgada del suelo

Recuperar las creencias en una época interreligiosa

Diálogos a una pulgada del suelo - James Wallace Heisig - Herder
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In Dialogues within an inch of ground, James Heisig comprises nine essays, each of which addresses a different aspect of spirituality in dialogue with our time. In his preliminary remarks, the author states that have arisen as a result of his conviction that much of the faith which once led to religious traditions passed into secular and that this shift of faith has had a negative impact in both areas without they were able to assimilate the new situation. The resulting disorientation as a result of the individual has a healthy skepticism about the doctrines and institutions, both traditional but failed, and new alternatives, and, still according to Heisig, the believer today is necessarily driven to dialogue with the own skepticism. The nine essays that make up this unique work was written in Japanese and address religious issues from a Christian point of view but in dialogue with ot...read more

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Book: Diálogos a una pulgada del suelo

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