Kanji para recordar I 

Curso mnemotécnico para el aprendizaje de la escritura y el sign

Kanji para recordar I  - James Wallace Heisig - Herder
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Most Japanese students strive to despair, thinking that the kanji can only learn at a table, bowed his elbows on it and typing over and over again the same character, based on rote a colossal effort. This book shows that if you have a good structure and a good "visionary" approach, the wall representing the kanji can be demolished without much effort ... and in this case, even in a fun way. This work is a course whose aim lies not only in remembering a number of kanji, but also teach how to remember the characters. In the first part, each character associative complete stories are provided. In the second, only the arguments of these stories are given to each student to add your own details based on memory and imagination. The third, which covers most of the course, only provide the keywords and the meanings of the components, leaving the student the rest of the process. James W. Heisi...read more

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Book: Kanji para recordar I 

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