Representar el mundo externamente

Representar el mundo externamente - Eduardo Martí - Machado Libros
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The drawings of the Altamira caves and the signs that appear on a web page have something in common. Both reveal the intention of representing a set of meanings externally and on a graphic space. This is, without a doubt, one of the most spectacular achievements of the human mind: the construction of external signs systems capable of representing things as different as objects, scenes, journeys, events, language, number or logical relationships. One of the crucial challenges that all children have to face throughout their development is the understanding and use of these representation systems. In this book, the main external representation systems (figurative systems, the writing system, the system of numerical notation and the information and communication technologies are analyzed) from a triple perspective: historical (what were the main stages of Construction of these systems?), more


Book: Representar el mundo externamente

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