Diario de un librero

Diario de un librero - Shaun Bythell - Malpaso
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Shaun Bythell Regenta The Bookshop, Scotland's largest bookstore. It contains 100,000 volumes, two kilometers of shelves, labyrinthine corridors and cozy fireplaces, all in a beautiful village located on the seafront. The paradise of a bibliophile, right? Well, not exactly ... "When I bought The Bookshop in 2001 I had a vague idea about the operation of a bookstore. None of my expectations was fulfilled. Every day I am surprised by the questions that customers formulate. Through the store the wider spectrum of the human species: some regulate, others recommend books; Some are spectacularly rude, others tell you their lives or want to know yours ... In this newspaper some of the most memorable meetings are narrated. "


Book: Diario de un librero

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