Diccionario de ideas afines

Diccionario de ideas afines - Fernando Corripio - Herder
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This thesaurus is a comprehensive reference tool, multi-use and extremely effective. Contains more than 400,000 words structured in a single alphabetical list made to find an idea or a word quickly and accurately. The search criteria is very appropriate minded when considering a term whose concept does not have a clear idea. A glossary of these features is an invaluable partner when it comes to improving both oral and written expression. The thesaurus is unique, not being a compendium of these features even in the largest encyclopedias. This edition has been revised and expanded including most current terms and ideas. Thus, the dictionary takes into account recent changes approved by the SAR about the spelling of loans tailored alphabetical order or approved with the spelling reform of 1994. The affinity of the words may arise, because they are synonyms, antonyms, related by a mere id...read more



Book: Diccionario de ideas afines

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