Tan humanos 

Sobre un ser de luz y sombra

Tan humanos  - Alfredo  Capellá - Herder
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A trial of an informative nature on man. The author omits the abstract and bookish concepts that are often used to explain the human being and those which seem insufficient and sometimes even wrong: he prefers to approach the other to his neighbor, a way of looking solidarity, and forget the old corseted and knowledge in search of a knowing simple and simple truths are born directly from a human knowing and feeling among humans. From a deep warmth and sympathy, will brief chapters reviewing in straightforward language and warm, many of the classic anthropological and psychological issues: the appearance of humans, the emergence of self-identity, the territories of the unconscious wishes, love and sexuality, aggression and guilt, pain and illness, mental suffering in all its variants, the madness, death, the real possibility of happiness. This work presents an ambitious task: to discov...read more


Book: Tan humanos 

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