Diccionario de técnicas avanzadas

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Diccionario de técnicas avanzadas - Gerardo  Metzger - Herder
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The technical translator's work is a daily struggle to keep their knowledge up to date, the more difficult task when in most cases he is the first thing to deal with in your language to explain new technologies emerge. This work took up the challenge of selecting and ordering the huge accumulated material, making available to the group of users that do not contain material dictionaries published years ago. The vocabulary chosen is based on a fundamental fact: the standard or regulation by official organs of industrial development, unifying also the language used in this field. In the past we have national standards for the unification of the continent-wide standards, while the technical dictionaries so far only considered this intervention had marginally. And it should be because the fixed standard, even in its smallest details the true meaning of the name used, constituting a definit...read more



Book: Diccionario de técnicas avanzadas

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