Diccionario del Yoga

Historia, práctica, filosofía y mantras

Diccionario del Yoga - Laia Villegas Torras - Herder
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A practical dictionary that will guarantee the correct use of the Sanskrit language in the field of yoga. Many yoga practitioners have ever wondered what is the literal translation of the name of a posture, how to pronounce it correctly or what we are saying when reciting a mantra. This handbook, handy, visual and practical, includes the Sanskrit terms most used in day-to-day yoga classes: the names of the postures and other techniques of haṭha-yoga, the fundamental philosophical concepts, a didactic translation of the Yogasūtra of Patanjali, some mantras, as well as a brief history of yoga that allows contextualizing the use of all terminology. The Sanskrit terms are offered analyzed, translated, commented on and accompanied by illustrative and audio images with their correct pronunciation. All the audios, with the voice of Kausthub Desikachar, can be downloaded from the Links of Int...read more



Book: Diccionario del Yoga

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