Diosas del silencio

Diosas del silencio - Cristina Mª Menéndez Maldonado - Dairea
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Novel that takes place in the second half of the XIV century, with abundant references to the music of that period. A tribute to goddesses and women who through centuries of history shared a universe of silence.

The omniscient voice of Azazel, narrator of the hell, is mixed with that of Iria, a woman marked by the stigma of lameness, who in the first person recounts her life as a pasiega and later as a fugitive. In her flight, the protagonist will find in the threads of fate, capricious and magical, the connection with the ancestral goddess.

Diosas del silencio relies on medieval customs, traditions and history, transcending the limits to a magical realism in which knights, monks, prostitutes, witches or visionaries unknowingly compose an invisible path that weaves their destinies, a spiral that will lead them to the center from their consciences, to the hidden and deep ...read more



Book: Diosas del silencio

ISBN: 9788493967291