Discurso global, sufrimiento local

Análisis crítico del movimiento por la salud mental global

Discurso global, sufrimiento local - Benedetto Saraceno - Herder
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This book presents a critical analysis of the development of the Movement for Global Mental Health: it illustrates the innovative and highly refreshing experiences that are taking place as well as an interesting description of "who is who" ; people, organizations and projects. Benedetto Saraceno reviews and updates these urgent and significant problems. Thanks to his great professional development and international experience, few like him can provide a mental health perspective in the 21st century that includes, on the one hand, WHO policies and those of different groups committed to change and progress, and , on the other, the connection between global policies (national, supranational and WHO) and local experiences in dozens of countries. Comprehensive attention to psychosis -the goal of the 3P collection- is a touchstone in the field of mental health care and also of the Movement ...read more



Book: Discurso global, sufrimiento local

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