¿Dónde se exhibe y resguarda el arte? Tomo 6

Colección de ensayos para acompañar el aprendizaje de las artes y su reflexión teórica

¿Dónde se exhibe y resguarda el arte? Tomo 6 -  AA.VV. - Ediciones Manivela
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Ediciones Manivela
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In art we will find that the sites and ways of showing / preserving the artistic work are in constant transformation. Through the voice of five agents involved in the artistic practice, the fascicle gathers diverse approaches that will allow the reader to know particularities about where art is exhibited and safeguarded through specific cases.
Sol Henaro Palomino (coord.)

Alejandra Labastida Escalante

Claudio Hernández Hernández

María Fernanda Ríos Almela

Helena Braunštajn

Giacomo Castagnola

Collection: Matters of art

Collection of essays to accompany the learning of the arts and their theoretical reflection

Ediciones Manivela presents Arte Affairs, a collection of eight volumes organized from questions, under which a set of essays and support materials is published.

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Book: ¿Dónde se exhibe y resguarda el arte? Tomo 6

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