Adolfo Couve: Una lección de pintura

Adolfo Couve: Una lección de pintura - Claudia Campaña - Ediciones Metales pesados
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Ediciones Metales pesados
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Tapa Blanda

Adolfo Couve Rioseco (1940-1998) was initially presented in the context of the retrospective exhibition Adolfo Couve: a painting lesson that took place at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Santiago of Chile in September 2002. The copies of that first edition were soon exhausted. The new revised edition (2015) is published thanks to the Fondart - Convocatoria 2014, and contains unpublished material, a chapter dedicated to the retrospective exhibition of 2002 and an updated bibliographical list. It also includes numerous photographic details, this time captured with digital technology and controlled lighting. Both the images and the texts offer a clear record of the variety and uniqueness of the pictorial gestures of Couve and will undoubtedly allow you to understand and visualize its extraordinary body of work. Cabbage belonged to this group of few creators with talent enough to more


Book: Adolfo Couve: Una lección de pintura

ISBN: 9789568415785