Duda de los pirrónicos

Duda de los pirrónicos -  Anónimo - Cuenco de plata
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Cuenco de plata
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Tapa Blanda

"The first question is whether religion is not a human invention to make men better because of the fear of the punishments that the gods might inflict on them. Many philosophers were of this opinion. Indeed, being true that all the Human actions are moved out of fear of evil (pain) and hope of good (pleasure), to prevent men from transgressing the laws that prohibit them from doing certain things, various punishments have been established in the world, including that of dishonor, to which the naturally vain man is very sensitive. Nevertheless, the malice of men can invent things to circumvent the vigilance of the magistrates or resort to force to place themselves above the laws, and consequently remove them the power to judicially condemn them. That is why fear of the gods or of a remunerating god of good or evil deeds was invented."

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Book: Duda de los pirrónicos

ISBN: 9789873743818