El agnosticismo

El agnosticismo - Julián Velarde - Trotta
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Agnostic and agnosticism appear terms used in various fields of thought (metaphysics, epistemology, religion, ethics) with varied and often mixed or confused with other meanings of terms such as empiricism, materialism, skepticism, atheism meanings. They were coined by Thomas Henry Huxley mid-nineteenth century to describe the philosophical position that he wanted to adopt in the context of the currents of thought of his time. Agnosticism, and in its founding authors (Huxley, Stephen, Tyndall and Clifford), has several faces: that of Clifford towards belief; Stephen's, toward moral; The Tyndall, toward religion; but the most marked face is what gives to science; and it has a common core shaped largely by the advent of evolutionism and the sociocultural context of his time. This work undertakes the necessary analysis of the core ideas of agnosticism (reason, experience, knowledge, beli...read more


Book: El agnosticismo

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