El Amor de Magdalena

El Amor de Magdalena -  Anónimo - Herder
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An extraordinary sermon anonymous seventeenth-century French, bright, a true spiritual current, discovered by Rainer Maria Rilke in the shop of a Parisian antique dealer in St. Petersburg in 1911. Preface of the original edition: "If I have registered a name at the beginning of this wonder is not because it occurred to me none. Whoever is familiar with Bossuet believe, perhaps rightly, to recognize here, now the sublimity of thought, now the audacity of his images, sometimes the certainty with which progresses more slippery roads, now, finally, the endless succession the infinite variety and surprising quickness of his movements oratorios. But whatever its author, the fact is that no one reproached him for having chosen this subject, nor have enhanced with such vivid colors. From him the Holy Spirit has given such an example in the Song of Songs is allowed to genius, governed by faith...read more

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Book: El Amor de Magdalena

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