El anillo de cobalto

El anillo de cobalto - Juan Villoro - Pollo blanco
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Pollo blanco
Year of publication: 
Tapa Dura

Anton is a retired engineer who lives alone. One day he receives the call from Susana, his first wife, who announces that he will visit him. Juan María is his neighbor, he is a potter and is also the only link he has with Galia, his second wife -a theater actress-, because he keeps a piece of pottery that she molded and left for her to bake.

The cobalt ring is one of the best stories of Juan Villoro: it contains the discovery of irremissible losses and helplessness as the framework of an emotive writing. These pages reads the daily fragility that some suffer despite its apparent normality, under the narrative virtuosity and the complicit gaze of Villoro in his best version as a storyteller.



Book: El anillo de cobalto

ISBN: 9786079738501