El arte de la lógica (en un mundo lógico)

El arte de la lógica (en un mundo lógico) - Eugenia Cheng - Grano de sal
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Grano de sal
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Tapa Blanda

Thinking with all the rigor of logic is like exercising at high altitudes: it is a demanding practice, perhaps exhausting, which then allows you to face everyday challenges with great ease. Eugenia Cheng will be your personal trainer in the art of logic, that way of reasoning that allows you to build complex arguments step by step, about the sublime and the trivial, until reaching moments of true enlightenment. With spark and intellectual ambition, this mathematician, pianist, cook and painter will take you through the rules of thought that have shaped mathematical demonstrations, along the routes that allow you to identify the fundamental beliefs of each person, along the unexpected paths in which the reason and emotions come together to bring out the best in the human intellect. Cheng shows how abstraction and analogy, careful deduction and reasonable doubt, feelings and intuition w...read more




Book: El arte de la lógica (en un mundo lógico)

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