El Arte de la sociedad

El Arte de la sociedad - Niklas  Luhmann - Herder México
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Herder México
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The nice thing about art is that it is always one step ahead of their more advanced representations, but eventually also left undefined. Thus, the game of art is interesting, even when addressing the issue of purpose. It is always an end point that surely always follow other purposes. But what about the art when outside influences, and has no role in this game of reconciling the truth? Luhmann interprets Hegel's thesis about the end of art, which states that the purpose is comprehensible only to the extent that art assumes that only has to deal with itself, since it always produces its own codes and determines that is art. The alleged purpose of art is its own "take-off." Consider an object as art depends entirely on the receiving audience, and the art system itself, which is in constant questioning about how and where should continue. Luhmann's work is distinguished from the theories...read more


Book: El Arte de la sociedad

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