El Bambú y el olivo


El Bambú y el olivo - Amador  Vega - Herder
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Writing is a skin that you saw us: for we are one who speaks minutes from us and we feel that time is running out. But when it appears the feeling of sadness or joy, then finishes writing and skin tears. Midway between philosophy and mysticism, East and West, metaphysical poetry and prose, this subtle lyricism text avoids high ratings too narrow and fits into a tradition of works that are not universal but a search of ineffable deep in writing as such. A myriad of overt and allusive references weaves a web connecting the fragments, as a cultural palimpsest: a voice heard only in a shrewd and self-absorbed soliloquy, which in turn echoes the murmur of other voices inescapable-mystics, philosophers, scholars of culture, poets, artists, filmmakers ... John of the Cross, Meister Eckhart, Ramon Llull, Nietzsche, Maria Zambrano, Mircea Eliade, Juan-Eduardo Cirlot, Ruusbroeck, Schiele, Lars ...read more



Book: El Bambú y el olivo

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