El cante flamenco

El cante flamenco - Ángel Álvarez Caballero - Alianza editorial
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EL CANTE FLAMENCO, one of the most complex and refined ways of making music and expressing feelings, forms together with EL BAILE FLAMENCO and THE TOUCH FLAMENCO a trilogy that the critic and scholar ÁNGEL ÁLVAREZ CABALLERO has written about the artistic expression that best represents The syncretism of our culture. In this renewed edition, which collects the latest contributions to the Jondo Art, it shows how of the tones? Denomination that encompassed a whole set of unaccompanied cantes of guitar that today we would call martinete, jail, debla and probably seguiriya ?? Who sang El Tio Luis de la Juliana, the polo, the cane and the soleá would emerge, and with the passage of time it would be configured what today is THE FLAMENCO SING. A very careful text makes comprehensible the secrets of the cante and gives us know the exciting lives and technical contributions of those who from El...read more

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Book: El cante flamenco

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