EL color de la música

EL color de la música - Javier Gregori - Dairea
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Tapa Blanda

Pilar is a child who hates the countryside. And where do your parents send you on vacation? Pilar will do everything she can not to go, but can she stop it? And most important of all: will you keep the promise not to approach the abandoned village,will you be able to stop seeing ghosts?, will you visit the strange family of goblins who sing wonderful songs and where everyone is of a different color?, will you befriend the most famous composer of music for TV advertisements?, will it help you conquer the world?...

All of this is just one way to find out: climbing the highest mountain on Earth? No, something simpler and certainly much more pleasant: reading this book. The book of the girl who hated the countryside, but discovered there the fascinating power of music.




Book: EL color de la música

ISBN: 9788494671890