El Cónclave

Historia de una institución

El Cónclave - Alberto  Melloni - Herder
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The eventful history of the conclave-election (indoors) of the Supreme Pontiff is presented as a mirror of the changing conceptions of the Catholic Church, the papacy and its relationship to political power, and more generally, of the mentality that characterizes different times in the West. Reading this study, particularly well documented, provides an overview of the essence and evolution of the conclave as a fragment-and paradigm-Catholicism from its beginnings to the present day. Alberto Melloni, professor of history at the University Modena / Reggio Emilia and Director of the Institute "Fondazione per le Scienze religiose Giovanni XXIII" in Bologna, offers a fascinating journey through time. In brief but successful features, summarizes the early appointment of the Pope in the first millennium. The author also addresses the crucial changes that causes the eleventh century and to pr...read more



Book: El Cónclave

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