El contacto, el remedio, la palabra

La comunicación entre médico y paciente

El contacto, el remedio, la palabra - Roberta  Milanese - Herder
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This work is a training tool for all professionals who work in the healing and aid sectors, but it is also an advisable reading for those who want to deepen their knowledge of the therapeutic power of words and gestures.

One of the most complex human interactions is that between the doctor and the patient. Hippocrates has already formulated a "recipe" that emphasizes the powerful influence that communication has on therapeutic action: "only contact, remedy and words can really heal." The authors of this work know this well -a psychologist and psychotherapist expert in strategic communication and a doctor-, who offer a detailed vision of the communication aspects in the medical field, as well as an analysis of verbal and non-verbal language strategies. verbal, relational modalities and techniques capable of making the interaction with the other emotionally involving and persuasi...read more


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Book: El contacto, el remedio, la palabra

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