El Corán y el futuro del Islam

El Corán y el futuro del Islam - Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd - Herder
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Islam, like other religions, is in a time of tension between tradition and the modern world. Abu Zayd, theologian expelled from Egypt for his reformist interpretation of the Koran, has a very modern vision of the Sacred Scriptures of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad trying to historical, spiritual aspects of Muslim religious practice and current issues such as the relationship between gender violence, democracy and human rights.
The Qur'an and the Future of Islam wants to bring this religion to the heart of the reader not to defend or accuse. The starting point is the analysis of the Koran as a historical text to make way for an analysis of the successive changes that Islam has suffered over the centuries. No interactions India, Iran or Hellenism, Islam can not be conceived.
The practical and political significance of religion can not be found in the text itself, but on the ...read more



Book: El Corán y el futuro del Islam

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