El Delirio de las palabras

Ensayo para una poética del comienzo

El Delirio de las palabras - Fernando  Bárcena - Herder
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This philosophical essay is an attempt to think the word education, and experience what it is, under the figure of the child, understood as an event that establishes the new as a surprise. What is proposed here is a reflection on the learning of key start in poetic meditation, ethics and partly political. Each time you start a new gesture in the world, with words or actions, we interrupt the chain of events and we enter a new event in the narrative discontinuity of human time. The birth, said Hannah Arendt, founded a new beginning, and is a challenge to the claim of making the human. Every birth, is somewhat delusional. Against all attempts to think of education under the system of manufacture, it is therefore to try to think the experience of becoming the transformation as a reinvention of life, as an ethics and aesthetics of existence. Thinking the man from the time of the pure even...read more

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Book: El Delirio de las palabras

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