El Diario de Ana María (DAR) 

El Diario de Ana María (DAR)  - Michel  Quoist - Herder
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In a clear and direct style, as like the youth of today, describes the evolution Quoist Ana Maria. Our protagonist narrates his impressions and reasoning, sometimes half done, during the period of his life ranging from 15 to 18 years. As we go deeper into the reading of the work we see the progress of Ana Maria: to be a sensitive teenager, indefinite and dissatisfied with herself, grows into a young autonomously with its own criteria, staff facing a woman's life . We could say that this work is in some sense, a philosophical treatise in which women find the depth of a real studio and all the amenities and interests of a particular life with intensity. Pass before the eyes of the reader the problems of adolescents in general: relationships with parents, sexual conflicts, emotional education, friendships, education, future, religious life, etc.. The time has lost interest in these papers. 

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Book: El Diario de Ana María (DAR) 

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