El erudito de las carcajadas I

Jin Ping Mei

El erudito de las carcajadas I -  Anónimo - Atalanta
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It read: Jin Ping Mei in verse and prose. The messenger who had delivered brocade box containing the manuscript had whispered in his ear: "The master says you can only enjoy it you, my lord; I do not read other eyes, especially that no other hand rubbing its pages. " Excited, the first sheet away and, sensing the soft feel of the paper, pure silk, he said: "It shows that the libertine knows how to enjoy. What role delicate for a vulgar novel! ". And he could not help feeling a thrill of pleasure in knowing one of the privileged few who had access to it. He had told her in the brothel: "Do not think you are one of those pornographic cartoons. This does have beauty, luxury, power and above all, a more explicit descriptions of what ...; ready to burn, it is pure fire. "
He began with the title of Chapter I: "On the crest of Jingyang, Wu Song killed beat a tiger. Pan Jinlian despise...read more


Book: El erudito de las carcajadas I

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