El eudonismo socia

El eudonismo socia - Michel Onfray - Cuenco de plata
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Cuenco de plata
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Tapa Blanda

Continuing with his demystification of the hegemony of twenty-five centuries of institutional writings on the history of philosophy, Michel Onfray dedicates this fifth volume of his Counter-history of philosophy to point out the utopian dimension of the liberal hedonists of the century called the Industrial Revolution and highlight the potential of socialist, communist, anarchist and libertarian hedonism.

The readings of Bernard de Mandeville, for whom private vices constitute the public virtues; Jeremy Bentham, who announces happiness for all thanks to the free market, demanding in turn the imprisonment in a panopticon for any criminal son of liberal impoverishment; William Godwin, who thinks of a harmonious society under the prophetic and Lutheran angle; they reveal that the liberal utopia has wreaked great havoc and that it still continues today under the same principles. Ag...read more



Book: El eudonismo socia

ISBN: 9789873743764