El Horizonte democrático

El hiperpluralismo y la renovación del liberalismo político

El Horizonte democrático - Alessandro Ferrara - Herder
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Democracy is at a crossroads . Paradoxically, the historical period in which it has managed to become shared by most of humanity horizon is threatened by disturbing processes -democratization or reelitización and must face populism , disaffection and social conditions , cultural and economic more inhospitable than the recent past.

The story could go either way . We could attend the confrontation between two unattractive models for any Democrat , among neoliberal regimes , using the remains of representative democracy to focus public attention on the financial markets , and regimes like China , where the party and elites bureaucratic try to maintain consensus ensuring higher levels of consumption and silencing the democratic longing.

But at the same time, the global world could be a completely different scenario development : mature democracies of the West, after the hard...read more


Book: El Horizonte democrático

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