El infinito en un junco

La invención de los libros en el mundo antiguo

El infinito en un junco - Irene Vallejo - Siruela
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A journey through the life of the book and those who have safeguarded it for almost thirty centuries.

This is a book about the history of books. A journey through the life of this fascinating artifact that we invented so that words could travel in space and time. The history of their manufacture, of all the types that we have tried over almost thirty centuries: smoke books, stone, clay, reeds, silk, leather, trees and, the latest arrivals, plastic and light.

It is also a travel book. A stopover route in the battlefields of Alexander and in the Villa of the Papyri under the eruption of Vesuvius, in the palaces of Cleopatra and the scene of the crime of Hypatia, in the first known bookstores and in the workshops of manuscript copying , at the bonfires where forbidden codices burned, in the gulag, in the Sarajevo library and in the Oxford underground labyrinth in 2000. A th...read more


Book: El infinito en un junco

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