El judeo-cristianismo

Perspectivas y divergencias

El judeo-cristianismo - Javier Teixidor - Trotta
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The "Judeo-Christian" religious phenomenon coexistence of cultures had two forms: first, to Jewish converts to Christianity continued to observe its rites and placed their beliefs in the sole context of the Old Testament; Later, in the sixth and seventh centuries, when the civil power, on behalf of the state religion, forced the Jews to convert to Christianity.
If at first Christianity was indebted to the convictions of Judaism of the first century AD, all subsequent history is that of a fruit detached from the branch that held it. His willingness to be distinguished from Judaism takes two ways: with allegory, appropriates the book of Judaism, the Old Testament, and justification to consider precursor of the New; with dogmatic formulation, the Church presents the believer eventually a set of beliefs that this should accept input proposing the "conversion" a new order of realitie...read more

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Book: El judeo-cristianismo

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