El nuevo lenguaje del cambio

El nuevo lenguaje del cambio - Steven Friedman - Gedisa
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The most important and most recently in the field of family therapy achievements are based on the abandonment of authoritarian attitudes and theoretical for a respectful and genuine collaboration with customers certainties. We are entering a new therapeutic era that focuses on the ability of customers to solve their problems and become authors of their own lives. In many clinical examples show what it means to enter into a genuine dialogue that takes seriously the stories that clients bring to therapy, not its degree of truth, but for his decisive role as social constructs useful for your life. From his long professional experience, the prestigious therapists who work in this volume set out very clearly the principles of dialogue, negotiation and compromise with potential customers and more hopeful against oppressive and painful limitations imposed by their own stories alternatives. T...read more


Book: El nuevo lenguaje del cambio

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