En lo profundo de un oído

Una estética de la escucha

En lo profundo de un oído - Peter Szendy - Ediciones Metales pesados
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Ediciones Metales pesados
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This is a collection of essays that question a sustained thinking habit: ignore their own paths and rhythms, turn a deaf ear to the multiplicity of voices that percuten. Reading, thinking and listening would cater to unexpected corners of a maze that opens many questions, not only for philosophy but also music, film or theater. entnoces inhabit these texts and contaminated interstitial spaces where image and sound are distributed, and where the relationship between the senses is the result of the offset of every image and every sound. The depth of this ear would be only an alleged "auditory turn"; would be a step up listening, one is never sure of himself when deepens and digs its way.



Book: En lo profundo de un oído

ISBN: 9789568415815