El objeto singular

El objeto singular - Clément Rosset - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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What we call destiny and fate does not designate anything other than the immanence of reality. Hence the direct relationship of consciousness to reality is pure and simple ignorance. So when the real it looks, unexpected and unusually produces terror but also joy, joy as that experienced with the music, whose mysterious self-sufficiency leads to the joy of everyone who is possessed by it, the same joy of who assumes the reality as it is presented, that is, from that possessed known reality, unable to escape. It is this philosophy tragic reality the great legacy of Clément Rosset. The unique, novel object in Spanish since 1979, closes the trilogy opened by the real and its double, and continued by the real. Treaty of idiocy, who along with seven other texts constitute what the author has recently calling the school of reality. Laughter, fear, desire, film, music are treated backlit in ...read more



Book: El objeto singular

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