El patrón

El patrón - Goffredo Parise - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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The young narrator of this hilarious novel arrives in a big city to work in a peculiar company located in a glass palace with a pointed ceiling. The director is Dr. Max, an eccentric character, melancholic, neurotic and angry, who runs his company through complex psychological mechanisms based on a very simple premise: that all employees are objects of their property, a question that the protagonist understands from the beginning : "My happiness seemed precarious, but now it is consolidating. What makes me happy above anything else is to have become Dr. Max's property. " Around Dr. Max appear personages own of a classic fable; His father, Dr. Saturno, whom he seeks to replace as head of the company; His mother, Dr. Uraza, and his fiancee, Minnie, who expresses himself with onomatopoeic sounds. Doctor Max also has the help of Lotario, the caretaker, who administers the young employee p...read more


Book: El patrón

ISBN: 9788415601449