El posmodernismo ¡vaya timo!

El posmodernismo ¡vaya timo! - Gabriel Andrade - Editorial Laetoli
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Editorial Laetoli

"Postmodernism writes in the introduction Gabriel Andrade has it become one of the philosophical doctrines used as a spearhead for those who defend pseudoscience and irrational beliefs ridiculed in other titles in the collection. It is common for advocates of astrology psychoanalysis or homeopathy invoke the names of postmodern gurus as Feyerabend and Foucault to protest the scientific hegemony and so proclaim the legitimacy of disciplines and irrational beliefs. therefore, it is not enough to attack the specificities of each scam. It is necessary to attack pseudophilosophical also the background in which these disciplines and take refuge absurd beliefs. that's what this book. "


Book: El posmodernismo ¡vaya timo!

ISBN: 9788492422623
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