El problema son los bancos

Cartas a Wall Street

El problema son los bancos -  AA.VV. - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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From 2008, when the house of cards began to collapse of the real estate and financial boom, the western world was plunged into an economic, social and political crisis of which it has not yet begun to recover. The other side of the coin of the gloomy economic indicators -recession, unemployment, poverty- are the stories of people of flesh and blood, those who suffer the excesses of a ruthless and insane system, which seems to have no other purpose than to serve Himself ... and top executives who enrich themselves at all costs. In response to this situation, the editors of the prestigious New York magazine n + 1 launched a web page inviting people to share their experiences of abuse and eviction at the hands of banks and other financial monsters, in the form of letters sent to Own institutions. The problem is banks. Letters to Wall Street is a selection of the hundred and fifty best ca...read more


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Book: El problema son los bancos

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