El Sol y la muerte

El Sol y la muerte -  AA.VV. - Siruela
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Rústica con solapas

Peter Sloterdijk's conversations with Hans-Jürgen Heinrichs, grouped together under the title The Sun and Death, not only cast a daring look at our eclipsed time, they are also an excellent introduction to the work and thought of the author of Spheres.

«It is enough to take a look at the name index of The Sun and Death to understand that this book of conversations between Peter Sloterdijk and the journalist and anthropologist Hans-Jürgen Heinrichs is not wasted. While Sloterdijk, one of the most influential thinkers in Europe, offers the keys to his work, he mentions men so necessary to understand our world such as Adorno, Aristotle, Barthes, Bataille, Broch, Deleuze ... The volume is divided into six sections [...]. In these blocks, Heinrichs interrogates Sloterdijk on issues as diverse as the praise of the extreme, the crossing of glances between Napoleon and Hegel, the medio...read more


Book: El Sol y la muerte

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