El vacío y el odio

Elementos para una historia arcaica de la negatividad

El vacío y el odio - André Laks - Arena libros
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Unquestionably, in Empedocles Hatred it is part of what it is. When, overcome by Love, Hatred ceases to act, it retracts outside the area, waiting for their turn, set by the "fullness of time". But hatred is not, as Heraclitus war, the father of all - in any case is not the father of a human world. It is precisely because it is so negative should be abolished. What does not come to the same thing to contend with Parmenides not be thought or, on the contrary, with Leucippus and Plato, who can be. In this sense, Empedocles is paradoxically a "postsofístico" thinker.


André Laks


Book: El vacío y el odio

ISBN: 9788495897725