Arena libros

A few years of publishing activity and published a few titles make Arena Books performing a singular experience.

It will never be good, however, no time to aerate it, and even less to brag about it. Call failure, its more than likely asphyxiation after the first breaths has not occurred. Unnoticed by almost everyone, invisible and unheard of for wide eyes and ears well prepared, we can only say that the plot of this experience is now available to anyone who wants to pursue.

We mention it only to emphasize that his existence beyond the scope of the project, and now we speak, and we do not to declare the simple intention to carry out or to predict, with varying degrees of determination, and desirable next compliance. The also we mentioned to say that we, the editors, are not that experience. We owe her what we are and it has made us unable to say who we are: we were never more