El grito del reloj de arena

El grito del reloj de arena - Chloé Delaume - Arena libros
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Arena libros
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Delaume Chloé's book is the story of a reminiscence. Back time in order to blow up an oppressive past. Virulence has the power scream. True leitmotif of the novel, the metaphor of the hourglass spreads, it branches: Central and traumatizing drawn figure of a "sedimentary" father and a "daughter of slime."

Neither pathos nor complacency. But the attempt, in adulthood, to answer the question of a girl, made possible attempt by certain sweetness of irony. Everything goes through the prism of a unique, overflowing language of inventions. The style is unconscionable, sometimes terse, sometimes abyssal. The words jostle, become invasive, to give an impression of fusion.

The cry hourglass obtained in France December Prize 2001.


Book: El grito del reloj de arena

ISBN: 9788495897848