Cuadernos negros

Cuadernos negros - Martin Heidegger - Trotta
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Known as black notebooks are a kind of philosophical journal contains entries that Martin Heidegger was done in parallel with their academic teachers and their works published. In these notes the most strictly theoretical reflections with references to personal and professional situation of the philosopher and both historical and everyday events are linked.
Few philosophical publications have recently raised much excitement, interest and controversy as these private texts of Martin Heidegger. He himself had contributed to his notoriety in advance to designate as the "crowning" of his complete works and indicate that they should be the last to see the light. But above all, it was expected that the issue of these black notebooks adduce incontrovertible evidence of antisemitism Heidegger and his sympathies for the Nazi regime. How is it possible that whoever was probably more


Book: Cuadernos negros

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