Llamados a servir 

Teología del sacerdocio ministerial

Llamados a servir  - Miguel  Ponce Cuéllar - Herder
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The author intends to continue a dialogue - honest, because it is the pursuit of truth, but also free, because the truth is not tied-started long ago in his lectures on the priestly ministry, with authors presenting a new vision of the priesthood, but considering now the rich theological perspectives that opened in recent years and the peace offered by the passage of time and overcoming the brunt of the crisis. and does, because it is necessary to continually return refelxionar on nuclear truly permanent ministerial priesthood, as the Scriptures and the doctrine of the Church proposed. Dr. Ponce part of the priestly crisis, to try to open the door to a viewpoint that, for improvement, responsive to the true mind of Christ, proposed by the Church from the documents, especially the Second Vatican Council.

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Book: Llamados a servir 

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