¿Qué es un aparato estético?

Benjamin, Lyotard, Rancière

¿Qué es un aparato estético? - Jean-Louis Déotte - Ediciones Metales pesados
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A device is a technical settings appear. In that way, what you see is, of course, technically configured by a device (appareillé). Perspective, museum, photography, film and cure analytical can be thought of as "equipment" as set appearing event, first creating new conditions of temporality and the other determining new structures of space, ie transforming each time sensitivity. An apparatus functions as a technical object according Gilbert Simondon, ie producing individuation and sociablidad. Walter Benjamin was the first to discern a theory of "equipment", considering that photography and film did not involve only a change in the methods of representation but also and above all, a revolution in the conditions of the perception. Jean-François Lyotard, for his part, in his Discourse. Figure develops the notion of "block write": the "surface registration", ie, the set of technical conf...read more

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Book: ¿Qué es un aparato estético?

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