Alguien vivo pasa

Auschwitz, 1843. Theresienstadt, 1944

Alguien vivo pasa - Claude Lanzmann - Arena libros
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Arena libros
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On June 23, 1944, a few weeks before the Allies landed in Normandy and more than a thousand kilometers away, near Prague, preparations for an important visit were completed. For the first time the Nazi regime will consent to an inspection visit to a concentration camp. International delegates are surprised by what they see: gardens and playgrounds surrounded by tulips, a concert hall where an orchestra rehearses Verdi's Requiem, a theater designed for ballet and cabaret shows, a café restaurant, a well-stocked lodge , A school, a library ... The Jewish prisoners are apparently in good health, smile smiling from the windows, the children leave the school singing in a row of two, the mail delivers parcels and letters on time, the tables are Servings and portions are plentiful. After a four-hour visit, the head of the Red Cross delegation, Maurice Rossel, gives a detailed report, more


Book: Alguien vivo pasa

ISBN: 9788495897299