Elementos políticos de marxismo lacaniano

Elementos políticos de marxismo lacaniano - David Pavón Cuéllar - Paradiso Editores
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Paradiso Editores
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Tapa Blanda

Since Marx and Freud have been insurmountable, shouldn't they continue to be so? How could the insurmountable be overcome without escaping the logical universe in which the insurmountable has been insurmountable? And considering that this logical universe is a universe as eternal as its structure, then how to escape it? How to overcome what has been insurmountable in him?

How to overcome Marx and Freud? Who imagines overcoming them should be put on guard. Lacan would warn him that his precipitation and his passion for novelty put him at risk of going astray, of losing a true orientation, of falling into nonsense, of getting stuck in a delayed, conformist academic repetition, and leaving behind precisely what is always new, that is, the truth. This is how this proposal is presented that brings us closer to understanding the political elements of Lacanian Marxism.



Book: Elementos políticos de marxismo lacaniano

ISBN: 9786079608033