Elogio de la bicicleta

Elogio de la bicicleta - Marc Augé - Gedisa
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This delicious Praise bicycle narrative goes through three stages: the myth, epic and utopia. Despite its mythical and heroic dimensions have suffered some setbacks arising from its link to deviations of professional sports and doping, bicycle-driven by the new policies of the city returns tackles urban settings and its image is popular subject of renewed enthusiasm. We can get to dream and project roughly a utopian city of tomorrow where the bicycle and public transport are the only means of travel. Even dream of a world in which the demands of cyclists ... always sway the political power and when in the world, prevail peace, equality and fresh air, after the ruin of oil barons. However, in his humility, bicycle teaches us, above all, to be consistent over time and space. It makes us rediscover the reality principle in a world overrun by fiction and images. Cycling is therefore a hum...read more


Book: Elogio de la bicicleta

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