En el principio era el cuerpo

En el principio era el cuerpo -  Femen - Malpaso
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Feminist and bellicose activism that has spread from Ukraine throughout the European geography as gunpowder. A naked voice: against the facts, breasts. "Ukraine is not a brothel" was the cry of anger and war proclaimed by the Femen when football mandarins traveled east to celebrate a championship and the sexual skills of local girls. That was the outburst that crossed borders bare chest to expand into other corners of human misery. An epidemic that has desecrated even the residence of the Spanish sovereignty, where irreverent ones claimed the private property of the bodies that exhibited. That activism has earned them sticks, confinements, prohibitions and dismayed censorship, but Femen girls have always had the shield of a formidable media coverage. They have discovered that the most atomic bomb is the show, and they are capable of generating it by exhibiting their anatomy. In this b...read more



Book: En el principio era el cuerpo

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