En salida

Francisco y la comunicación

En salida - Dario Edoardo Viganò - Herder
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Pope Francis often abandons the rigid framework of written texts to communicate in a completely different way. This book exposes with great clarity his new communicative style and the strategies he follows to reach the faithful. Thanks to his great ability to relate, Pope Francis often leaves aside the rigid boundaries of written communication to pronounce in a completely different way: improvising and making frequent use of the apologue, metaphor and anecdote, as luck would have it. of anchorage in everyday life. But this is not accidental. If Francisco's communication reaches everyone, it is thanks to his remarkable awareness and refinement in the management of linguistic and cultural codes. How do you get it? Through what symbolic constructions does your communication convey? Dario Viganò uses the various aspects of the "public representation" of the pontificate of Francis - from t...read more



Book: En salida

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