Energía para futuros presidentes

La ciencia detrás de lo que dicen las noticias

Energía para futuros presidentes - Richard A. Muller - Grano de sal
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Grano de sal
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Tapa Blanda

"Our future president must understand energy: what is it, what options humanity faces today to obtain it, what is the efficiency of each one, what are the environmental consequences of those alternatives, which industries exploit them. If we leave aside for a moment politics and looking at energy objectively, we will come to conclusions that are often counterintuitive and therefore unexpected. In this book, Richard A. Muller does not set out to give advice or raise a flaming finger, but to educate his goal is for every citizen to have a basic, physics-based understanding of men's complex relationship with energy. A good president has to be a leader, and that means not just making the right decisions: for Muller, the president must also be the instructor of the nation. No scientific adviser or energy secretary can convince the public that common perceptions are not necessarily true. An...read more


Book: Energía para futuros presidentes

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